checking the size of a stone

checking the size of a stone




In my work as a designer and creator of jewelry, I am always looking, thinking, and working on new pieces and  designs.  Sometimes for long hours into the night I will work on a piece and time disappears.  As an artist with a background in painting and sculpture, I know that when a piece of art is developing , it starts to take on a life of it's own.  It speaks to you and shows you the way to go.  It is this moment that I work for. At the same time, I strive to create something that will be more than just a ring or a necklace but rather a small work of art.  I do this with the strongest sentiment to express my desire and  joy in creating beautiful things.



It is my desire to give to my audience,i.e.. those who appreciate and perhaps wish to own one of my pieces , an object of beauty.  I hope to create for people something that they will feel happy to have  or to give to another.  Jewelry is adornment.  I wish those who own my pieces to feel beautiful, unique and happy when they put on one of my creations.  I wish to bring a bit of joy and loveliness into people's lives.



My work is borne out of dreams and observation.  I take inspiration from the organic.  Patterns in trees, rocks, earth are all in my mind's eye when I am working.  I love the juxtaposition of the rough and earthy with the sparkle and shine of a delicate stone.  I am attracted to the appearance of a brilliant color of a gem in the midst of the dark of oxidized metal.  I am always looking for designs in nature for the rough and the intricate the heavy and the delicate to feed my ideas.



In an effort to acquaint those who might be interested with the process I follow in creating a piece I hope to be able to catalogue the process of making one of my pieces of jewelry.  This section will be developed over time.  Your patience is appreciated


the work

Please be aware that all of the pieces I create and show here are one of a kind.  I do not duplicate.  The pieces may be purchased and prices are listed as such.  The prices of the  pieces which are "untagged" are available upon request.  



I try as best as is possible to abide by ideals to live by in my work as in my life.  Thus all materials used in my work are either reclaimed or responsibly and ethically sourced.